The Winneba People And Their Culture

The cultural diversity of a region is what makes one region distinct from the other and easily identified. Many cultures have been developed in Ghana since antiquity with each culture demonstrating a high level of uniqueness. Although by culture, societies apart become heterogeneous, the symbol of unity that binds citizens together in Ghana has improved the appreciation of the diverse cultures in the country. This has led to the infiltration of many different cultures in region’s which are apart. Thus, cultures of the Northern part of Ghana have now been adopted in the South vis a vis the South to the North. This shows the ubiquitous nature of culture in every society. However, despite the many different cultures that seem to have had their way into existing ones of different regions, Winneba continues to hold on to its major culture and occupational practices whiles allowing room for other forms.

Fishermen pulling their cast net from the sea
Pulling Cast net from the Winneba Sea

Fishing in Winneba is one major culture that the good people of Winneba takes pride in. Blessed with the ocean, the people go to sea with boats and spend days fishing. Others also cast long nets which they leave overnight and return the next day to pull out. While they do this, they sing along to boost their energy. The joy with which the fishermen performs their task is like a work play, a true explanation of Mc Gregor’s theory Y.

A Fishmonger processing fishes
Winneba Fishmonger processing caught fishes

The multiplier effect of fishing to the people of Winneba is one is very crucial. By making it forming its export base, fishing continues to contribute to the economic development of Winneba. Thus, fishermen after going to sea sell out their number catches to the traders who then distribute to the many industries around, ranging from small scale to medium and large scale industries.

That said, fishing isn’t the only culture the people of Winneba take pride in, but also, it’s Education. With the vision of elevating literacy whiles eliminating illiteracy, the region places much currency on its educational prospects. Education cannot be taken away from the doorsteps of Winneba neither can it be ignored as one of the important elements for development. For countries to develop, not only must it advance industrially but also, their human resource should be well developed through formal education while imbibing some elements of its informal education. Teachers have become the cork around which the wheel of education revolves and Winneba has become the powerhouse of Professional Teachers. Annually producing teachers of over 15,000 through its single but well known University, University of Education, Winneba.

University of Education, Winneba

One cannot talk of teachers without referring to Winneba. The prospects of tourism in Winneba not only does it lie in its cultural antecedents and beach resorts but also lies at the heart of the region’s Education. Due to the regions high interest in educational prospects, the region has in recent years become a growth pole gradually attracting a large number of the country’s population.

Winneba Graduands of UEW

This has become one of the many factors that have accounted for the rapid rates of urbanization in the region.

Education has not only promoted the integrity of the region but has also led to the one feeling of prestige among individuals who school in this region.

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