Landtours inaugurates 30th-anniversary celebration with the launch of two luxury coaches

A leading tourism operator Landtours Ghana Ltd has inaugurated the celebration of its 30th anniversary by commissioning two new state-of-the-art luxury coaches.

About a hundred attended the event held at the Kempinski Hotel in Accra on Wednesday, February 7.

In his remarks, Landtours CEO Mr. Mawuli Dzebu spoke of the company’s journey from humble beginnings 30 years ago when tourism was largely unknown in Ghana.

“We didn’t even know what tourism was in Ghana, but we are seeing a big difference,” he said.

Mr. Dzebu noted that Landtours had expanded its reach beyond Ghana to help promote its brand across West Africa.

However, he expressed concerns about the security situation in countries like Burkina Faso, Mali, and Senegal, saying “It will affect our business.”

The CEO urged the need to address challenges like high visa fees and taxes that make Ghana less competitive compared to destinations like Kenya and Senegal.

“We need to take a look at how we price goods, and what are the inputs that go into our pricing. Taxing is a big, big part of it,” Mr. Dzebu said.

Landtours founder and chairperson Mona Boyd traced the company’s origins back 30 years when she started it mainly “to provide services for the diaspora coming into Ghana, the American diaspora.”

According to Mona Boyd, Landtours built a strong reputation through handling high-profile clients like former US President Bill Clinton.

She stressed Landtours’ commitment to “providing the highest quality service” and desire “to treat customers well.”

She said the company’s goal is “to make you love Africa”, praising its dedicated team for its success over the past 30 decades.

On his part, special guest Ben Anane-Nsiah, Deputy CEO of the Ghana Tourism Authority praised Landtours as “one of the leading tourism operators in West Africa.”

He commended the company for its role in promoting Ghana abroad and delivering a good visitor experience.

Mr. Anane-Nsiah urged Landtours to tap new markets, expand offerings, and continue delivering “the dollars that will take Ghana miles away from the doors of IMF.”

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