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Hostel Accommodation in Winneba for visitors
Hostels in Winneba

Places for individuals to rest their heads have become much of shared responsibility of the people of Winneba due to an annual increase in its population pulled by the region’s University, University of Education, Winneba (UEW). As part of Abraham Maslow’s theory of needs, shelter (Accommodation) has become one of the most sorted needs of individuals. As basic needs are not fulfilled, it becomes almost impossible for individuals to seek higher-level needs. With the recent pressing demand for tourism activities in Winneba, accommodation has become a major concern for many tourists. Owing to this, there has been a need to expand the various accommodation choices there are in the region in other to ensure an equilibrium between demand for and supply of accommodation avenues. With the growing population in Winneba, most of which are educational tourists, the siting of hostels are now expanding. These hostels provide a wide array of services that differ from one hostel to the other. One may be asking how much does accommodation costs in Winneba as the region’s population keeps increasing annually.

SSNIT Hostel
SSNIT Hostel

The cost of accommodation in Winneba tend to differ from one area to another. Depending on the facilities available in the hostel as well as the proximity of the area to a resort centre, prices seem to differ. Thus, areas that are closer to the region’s growth pole which is the University has relatively high prices whiles those at the extremes are much lower. Nonetheless, one cannot use proximity as the only criterion to determine hostel prices but also other indicators include the security of the area, the serenity of the area as well as the number of people received per room. An estimated amount of GH₡ 3000 to GH₡ 4000 is charged for a single person in a room especially in hostels that are well-secured whiles two persons in a room are entitled to an estimated amount of GH₡ 1500 to GH₡ 2000.


However, hostels in Winneba are normally a preservative for the many students who are admitted by the University. That notwithstanding, that does not leave tourists out of the question as the region provides many motels and hotels to cater for the accommodation of visitors.

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