The Prospects Of Tourism in Winneba

The circle of movement of individuals in recent times has propelled the economic growth and development of many countries. In Ghana, tourism has become one of the major vehicles for spearheading economic development. Measured by its economic impact and economic distribution, tourism has propagated a net increase in the country’s GDP at a worth of 3.8billion US Dollars in 2019, and with its multiplier effect, the region is gradually curbing many of its economic challenges.

Among the many identified resort destinations of the country, Winneba happens to be one of the regions in the country that has a high prospect for tourism development. Added to ecotourism, Winneba provides a wide array of tourism opportunities for tourists.

Cultural tourism has become one of the patronized tourism activities in Winneba. The culture of the people has become one of the many pull factors that continue to attract tourists to Winneba. To wit: the Aboakyer Festival of the Indigenes which is held every first Saturday of May, together with the history behind the siting of the town is very captivating. The hunting of deer in other to offer as sacrifice, which history explained was once humans, later changed to leopards after an appeal was made to the god “Otu” who finally agreed to a Deer due to several casualties in the haunt for leopard is one culture that visitors finds enthusiastic. “Aboakyer Festival”, literally translated as ” Deer-Hunting Festival”.


Tourism in Winneba

The various Asafo companies who visit the forests to hunt for deers and the popular acclamation to these companies after they have returned with the dear is worth seeing. That notwithstanding, the cultural artefacts and the hospitable nature of the indigenes is so welcoming. Annually, the region continues to receive many people who come to observe the various cultural activities held in times of festivity. That, it cannot be gainsaid that cultural tourism in Winneba has greatly influenced the region’s tourism development.

As a means of ensuring sustainable Tourism, tourists significantly adopt and adapt to the cultural milieus of the people and embraces the history behind such fascinating culture. If culture is a way of life, then Winneba is a place worth observing the life of the people.


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