Beaches and Resorts in Winneba


Beach tourism in Ghana and for that matter Winneba is one worth seeing. A place within the tropics with remarkable temperature for tourists to cool their sultan with its cosy environment. Beaches have become one of the natural places that individuals often visit for recreational activities. The various Beach resorts and the coastline of Winneba are one of their kind as it greatly provides opportunities for Sun lust tourism activities. The siren nature of these beaches as well as the cool breeze from the bordering ocean enables individuals to embrace the outdoor activities held in this area.

Outdoor Swimming activities in the sea
Beach Swimming

Occasionally, several programs hosted at the beaches of Winneba provides tourists with a remarkable experience, one worth remembering. Serving as a major catalyst to socialization, the beaches in Winneba provides an opportunity for visitors to socialize with the numerous individuals who visit the beaches, the majority of which are students from the region’s only University, the University of Education, Winneba.

Sir Charles Beach Pool

Saturdays and Sundays at the various beaches in Winneba are days one would not want to miss due to the interesting activities such as games, swimming and observing how many fisherfolks get ready to sea. These are days visitors have the opportunity to interact with fishermen and share their experience at sea with them.

Beaches and Resorts in Winnebs

That notwithstanding, opportunities are made available for tourists to partake in the drawing of nets from the sea whiles they back everything up with local songs. The Windy Lodge and Beach Resort, Sir Charles, Magjoy Royal and “Wo ara beba” beach resorts have become one of the visited beaches in the region by both inbound and domestic tourists. Through Beach tourism, individuals tend to have the opportunity to socialize with people of different regions. In Crompton’s seven travel motivators, he indicated socialization as one of the major motivators that push individuals to move away from their usual residence to areas of interest. Given this, many tourists find beach tourism as the best avenue for socialization to take place.

The pool that fronts the ocean enables individuals who are phobic to large bodies of water but enjoy swimming to enjoy the sea water that fills the pool
Sir Charles Beach Pool

The Winneba beach pool that fronts the ocean is one of a kind. As a measure to avoid individuals from drowning themselves in the sea due to the aggressive waves from the Ocean, Sir Charles Beach has provided a beach pool, one that is naturally rejuvenated by the ocean during its high tide. Therefore, just like swimming in the sea, the pool tends to have similar characteristics for amateur swimmers, a great measure to safeguard lives. This has become one of its kind, and this alone attracts several people to the beaches of Winneba.

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