Restaurants in Winneba

Restaurants in Winneba are one of their kind through the all-out services they render to visitors. Dawadawa Restaurant and Bar, Food Processing Unit Restaurants, and Run-Off Restaurants have become receiving destinations that render the best of services to visitors. Paving way for several recreational activities, these restaurants continues to function by meeting pressing demands of tourists and also provides services that meet the diverse request of visitors. Ranging from VIP, VVIP to regular lounge, the ubiquitous nature of these restaurants makes them easily accessible to individuals of different classes.

Dawadawa Restaurant and Bar
Dawadawa Restaurant

These restaurants provides local to continental dishes such as chicken pizza, Chicken Sauce with Chips, Fried Rice and Grilled Chicken, Banku with Tilapia, Fufu with all kinds of soup, as well as Ampesi with Palaver Sauce, a local delicacy which many tourists continue to enjoy.



These dishes served by the various restaurants are one of the best. That not withstanding, a visit to Winneba is never filled with boredom due to its unique diversity when it comes to entertainment.




The various pubs in Winneba provides opportunity for a whole lot of recreational activities. Thus, the various pubs and restaurants in Winneba provides visitors with wide array of entertainment.


Pubs such as Kings and Queens Pub, The Stage, MR DIX PUB, Olympic Arena, and Akosua Villa provides opportunities for visitors to have fun due to the host of programs that are organized in these areas occasionally.



Kings and Queens Pub
Kings and Queens Pub

Thus, in times of festivity, these pubs host series of entertainment shows, providing the stage for visitors to have fun and make their stay in the region worth memorable. Pubs in themselves do not alone in spark visitors interest but rather, how these pubs are managed does. For regular occasions and VIP ones, these pubs provides room for several activities to be hosted based on demands made by visitors.

Therefore, Winneba has become a region worth visiting as far as entertainment is concerned.

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