The whole world is moving to Ghana, to the Eastern Corridor, the rise of Mother Ghana and with all focus on the Valley City of Nkawkaw, the noble Peak town of Kwahu Obomeng, also known as The Asaase Aban or the Natural Fortress to Celebrate it’s well known Easter festivity. Easter has become a festival of Christians to remember the passing and resurrection of Christ. This festival continues to rest at the heart of every believer of the Christian religion and each year, individuals merry to remember the saviour. In other to make the celebration worthwhile and one to remember, Easter celebrations in Africa have been centered on Ghana, and the Kwahu’s continue to distinguish themselves in the global context as far as the festival is concerned. Taking pride in the various activities during the time of festivity, the Kwahu Easter is one of it’s kind, improving each year with remarkable cultural display and having an increase in population that visits the mountain peak each year to have a feel of this celebration.

The People

Odweanoma – Lets Tour Kwahu

The Kwahu’s are Akans who resides on a hilly Mountains of Odweanoma. As part of the Twi speaking people of Ghana, the Kwahu’s have become well noted for the history of the siting of the town. Some historians has it that, there were individuals whom during the histories of war and expansion of territories in ancient Ghana by the many Akan groups, the area became hotspots where intruders normally lost their lives as the inhabitants of the land continued to hide on the mountain peaks and rolled on them rocks. As this continued, people feared them and warriors who attempted to conquer the Kwahus were always cautioned, reminded of how many warriors have perished, giving it the name “Ko Wu” which literally is translated as “Go and Die”. The fear of many warriors made the region untouchable and up to date, it continues to reign in it’s long history of victories in many wars.

Kwahu’s Prospect For Tourism

Bruku Rock – Shot By: Sky Marshals

The projection of Tourism in Ghana is said to be incomplete without the mentioning of Kwahu. The region is noted for tourism resorts, ranging from ecotourism to its Easter carnival festival. The mountain that fronts it’s Valley City provides a remarkable landscape that cameras never seize to capture.

The Valley City of Nkawkaw – kwekudee-tripdownmemorylane

Beneath the Odweanoma mountain is a perennial water that drops from within the mountain. It flows out like a hand dipped in water but could make a whole drum full. It takes patience to have a bucket full. This part of the mountain has become sacred to many Christians and hence, earned it the name, “Mount Olive”. At the far right on Mount Olive is a remarkable intermittent waterfall that flows frequently in the rainy season.

Views from Kwahu – Lets Tour Kwahu

These features makes it worthwhile for tourists to visit. The mountain peak at Mount Olive serve as a canopy to the various unroofed houses that shelters visitors who wishes to worship on the sacred land from rains.

Views from Kwahu – Lets Tour Kwahu

Ascending to the mountain are features that tourists can never miss. Appreciating the artistic hands of nature and the many sceneries beneath the mountain.

Butuase Water Falls – Lets Tour Kwahu

From the top of the mountain is where tourists appreciate the beauty of the low lying town of the Valley City of Nkawkaw. The major town of entry to Kwahu

Easter Celebration

As a means of boosting Ghana’s Domestic tourism, the Ghana Tourism Agency introduced paragliding to the Kwahu Easter Festival Celebration.

Kwahu Mountains
Views from Kwahu – Lets Tour Kwahu

The Easter Festival celebrated by the Kwahu’s is on of it’s kind and continues to attract numerous people, both from within and without the country.

Kwahu Lake
Views from Kwahu – Lets Tour Kwahu

The remarkable caves of the mountain, the mountain peaks that gives a remarkable site of the Lake Volta is very captivating, Hiking conducted mostly at Kwahu Tafo and the various Inselbergs continues to catch the eyes of tourists and Geographers.



Accommodation isn’t a problem for many tourists that visits the region. The region could boast of it’s projected first Largest Hotel in Africa and 50th in the world known as Rock City Hotel which has its first face to be having 608 rooms with an increase to 1592 rooms in phase two.

Accomodations in Kwahu
Kwahu Hotels

Apart from this, there are other several hostels to receive the many tourists. Noted among the many hotels around are Rojo Hotel, Kwadisco Pub and Hotel, Real Parker Hotel, all in Nkawkaw.

There is no moment without fun during the Easter Festival. If socialization is a motivational factor, then Visit Kwahu during its Easter Festivity and socialize with several people from around the globe.

Kwahu Hotels

When I shout Kwahu ooo!! Kwahu!!  then you respond Easter ooo!! Easter!!.


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