Kintampo Waterfalls: The Ultimate Guide to Kintampo Waterfalls

Kintampo waterfalls in the Bono East Region of Ghana has been in existence since antiquity. Dating as far back as the 18th century during it’s discovery by the colonial masters and named as the Sanders waterfalls, the falls was born under a new name as the Kintampo waterfalls in 1992 when it was ushered into a tourist attraction site.

Kintampo Waterfalls -
Kintampo Waterfalls –

Kintampo falls is a remarkable feature which flows on an impervious rock boarded by greenish vegetation of predominantly Mahogany tree plant. The serenity of the environment, together with breeze from the green foliage provides tourists an opportunity for relaxation.

Kintampo Waterfalls -
Kintampo Falls –

The waterfalls are in three levels thus;

Waterfalls Level One:

  • Rainspout in the big rock is believed created by water eroding holes into the rock.
  • Kintampo falls aided a cave housing a colony of bats.
  • The water ceases under the rocks and continues 20 meters down stream.
  • The water flows throughout the year.
  • The water level increases when there are more people presents.
  • Please DO NOT SWIM.
  • Keep the environment clean.

Waterfalls Level Two:

  • The water runs down and behind several big rocks.
  • The water ceases and continues much wider at the base of the rock.
  • Please DO NOT SWIM.
  • Keep the environment clean.

Waterfalls Level Three:

  • At this level, there are two staircases built by Taysec in 1996 that leads to the main waterfalls.
  • The staircase has 153 steps when climbing up and 173 steps when climbing down with extremely beautiful view of the waterfalls as you descend.
  • No Dinning, refreshments or smoking at the base of the waterfalls. Kindly take note.
  • YOU CAN NOW SWIM at this level but be very careful because the rock surfaces are SLIPPERY.
  • Please wear socks if you want to swim in the falls to avoid slipping on the rock surfaces.
Nkrumah Rock - Kintampo falls
Nkrumah Rock – visitghana

Nkrumah rock under the waterfall has history reiterating that Ghana’s first President, the shining star of Africa, sat on it to read and meditate and hence the rock named after him. The myth of this rock is that the people believe the rock has over many years naturally increased in size and continue to expand since the time it was named. As part of the many waterfalls in Ghana, the Kintampo falls is one of its kind.

Kintampo Canopy Walk
Kintampo Canopy Walk – MOTAC

The waterfalls from river Pumpum, a tributary to the Black Volta, a main branch of the Volta River in Ghana which flows south through many regions until it enters the sea. Not only are the waterfalls remarkable features in themselves but the canopy walkway over the waterfall provides tourists sceneries appealing to the eye’s view.

Kintampo Canopy Walk -
Kintampo Canopy Walk –

That said, the many people who visits the site each day makes it possible for tourists to socialize. If socialization is a motivation factor to any tourist, the Kintampo waterfalls is a place worthy enough to XPLORE.

Things to do at Kintampo Falls

  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Canopy Walk
  • Camping
  • Play football or volleyball on the field

Kintampo Waterfalls Entrance Fees:

  1. Children – GHC 3.00
  2. Student – GHC 5.00
  3. Adult – GHC 10.00
  4. Foreigners – GHC 20.00


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