Festivals are monumental in Ghana, with the many ethnic groups, tribes and religions having their own self acclaimed festivals which they take pride in. Also, The many rich cultures centered in Ghana makes it worthwhile for tourists to have colossal experiences during their visits. Now would like to bring your attention to Kintampo Benkadi Kurubi Festival.

If Ghana is said to be the gateway to Africa, then Festivals are not just a requirement nor a must, but a necessity.

As a means of elevating Domestic Tourism in Ghana are the many prestigious culture correspondingly rich festivals that the people of KINTAMPO are prideful of. The BENKADI KURUBI festival of the noble people of KINTAMPO rests at the heart of the people. Celebrated predominantly by a large Muslim group and becoming a growth pole which attracts many people from the lengths and breadths of the country as well as across the globe. Moreover this festival continues to gain much currency within and without. The rhythmic sound that resonates with when one mentions the name shows how distinguished the festival is in itself “THE KINTAMPO BENKADI KURUBI FESTIVAL”


Kintampo Benkadi Kurubi Festival
A scene from Benkadi Kurubi Festival –

The Kintampo Benkadi Kurubi Festival is a five days festivity swamped with remarkable cultural display from the people of Kintampo in the Bono East Region, the spiritual home of the Wangara people. Taking place from the 22nd to 27th of November at Kintampo this year, the festival has been full of worthwhile experiences.

About Wangaras

There’s no culture in Ghana without a common history that binds the people together, and present day events are products of the past. Historically, the Kurubi festival reminds the present day Wangara people of the migration of their ancestors to Kintampo and the achievements of them, pass the history on to the next generation that comes after them. Nonetheless paying homage to the traditional stool and honouring the stupendous efforts of their forefathers, the people of Wangara holds the KURUBI FESTIVAL in high esteem.

Wangaras Benkadi Kurubi Festival
A scene from Benkadi Kurubi Festival –

If there’s any festival in Ghana that is affectionate about women, then the BENKADI KURUBI FESTIVAL is one in a million to witness. The festival continuous to hold females at heart since chastity has become an integral part of the Festival.

Kurubi Festival
A scene from Benkadi Kurubi Festival –

The KURUBI Dance, performed by Female Virgins is one of it’s kind. During the festive season, virgins are given the chance to display their dancing skills by performing a dance known as the KURUBI Dance on a wood specifically hoist on a stick to make a platform. It is believed that females who have had sex but sits on the platform to perform the  dance would fall. This is markedly done to promote chastity among females in the region and prevent premarital sex.

Particularly, the Kintampo BENKADI KURUBI FESTIVAL is one that tourists can never miss out. Join us today as we XPLORE in next years Festive season to catch a glimpse of rich Ghanaian cultural display from the good people of BENKADI, KINTAMPO.

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